Ruminations on the Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olympics are finally here. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever, but I certainly feel it was worth the wait, as I immerse myself in soccer, gymnastics, swimming, diving, archery and athletic splendor. Just a few thoughts that have come over me since the opening ceremonies last Friday.

1. Though NBC has come under a lot of fire for spoiler alerts, spotty online coverage and other issues (it seems that since the advent of social media, people have a LOT more problems with … well, everything!), I have to say that having the ability to stream the games online whenever I want – is awesome! Clearly if an event is important to someone, they can find a way to watch it. This hasn’t always been the case, so it’s nice to have such easy access to live coverage at any hour of the day, especially when the time difference between the US and London is so great.

2. I just love the US women’s soccer team. I know I’ve said it before, and it will never stop being true. Ever since this image of Brandi Chastain graced the covers of magazines everywhere, I can’t help but find this Olympic event to be totally gripping. It doesn’t hurt that I dedicated so much of my life to soccer, either. I’m just glad that unlike last summer when I watched these ladies play in the World Cup, my ankle isn’t sprained! That means I can crank out treadmill workouts while I watch them kick ass.

3. Speaking of using the Olympics for motivation, BodyMedia came up with a list of average calories per minute some of these athletes are burning through. Pretty impressive! See below:

Name Sport Calories per Minute
LeBron James Basketball


Gabby Douglas Gymnastics


Alex Morgan Soccer


Abby Wambach Soccer


Meb Keflezighi Marathoner


LaShawn Merritt Track (Sprinter) 47  (event only lasts about 43 seconds)

4. While I still love watching women’s gymnastics, I am definitely not as invested in these girls as I was in THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN. I’m certainly not looking for anyone to injure themselves for the gold, but I’m just sayin’ … it was quite the story!

5. I’m enjoying some NEW events this year. Beach volleyball has become a favorite – it’s hard to believe that these two are STILL undefeated. They are an adorably supportive pair, and they don’t seem like they will be taken down by anyone! I’m also enjoying archery (thank you, Hunger Games!), equestrian events and synchronized diving. I have zero idea how those two people stay so n’ sync (yes, that WAS a 90’s boy band reference!), but it’s pretty cool when you get a pair that’s dead on.

What is YOUR favorite thing about the Olympics?

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