Recipe Alert – Meatless Monday

Despite the title of this post, you are absolutely not obligated to eat this on Monday. It will taste equally delicious any day of the week. Just a little insider tip. The original recipe I adapted this from (where do you suppose I got it from? My fave! Clean Eating Magazine) had meat in it, as a matter of fact. It called for pork, but we had tofu, so that is what I used. Enjoy!


1 lb of tomatillos
1 package of Orzo
1 white onion
1 package of tofu
1 can of corn
3 ounces of shredded mozzarella cheese

1. Chop your onions, tomatillos and tofu. If you’re anything like Dan, you will pile your chopped tofu into a neat little pile like the one below.


2. Set a pot of water on the stove to boil. Once it is boiling, pour your Orzo on in there and make sure to stir it every so often.

3. Meanwhile, take a bit of olive oil and heat it on medium flame. Start by throwing your onions in and stir them around for about five minutes until they are translucent and smell delicious.

4. Throw in tomatillos, tofu and corn. Add some salt and chile powder (I actually didn’t add enough, so mine was a little bland. Don’t make that mistake, people!)

5. When you’re ALMOST ready to turn the heat off on your tofu mixture, sprinkle your cheese in and stir so it gets all melty and gooey.


Serve tofu concoction over Orzo. Enjoy!

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