Wake Up & Smell the Jasmine

Since the last few weekends have been dedicated to helping some of my favorite future brides celebrate (bachelorette parties, bridal showers and a wedding coming up this weekend!), I’ve been through my fair share of lazy, sleepy days-after. Feeling tired and sluggish is the worst, especially if you are supposed to be focusing on something. Here are a few suggestions for feeling more alert in a pinch.

1. Work it Even though working out is probably the last thing you feel like doing, it can definitely help to jumpstart things on a down day. Depending on your level of fatigue, you can do something easier (like restorative “stretching” yoga), hit the elliptical, take a jog, do some jumping jacks … just get the blood flowing! One word of warning (and this comes from personal experience), don’t push it too hard and listen to your body or you could end up sick or injured. Not fun for anyone.

2. Sniff it

Smell has been proven to be a very effective waker upper (smelling salts anyone?) But in addition to coffee beans to wake your sniffer up, try jasmine (the flower, not the cartoon), citrus or peppermint!

3. Snack it

Choose your foods and beverages wisely when feeling fatigued. Things that have proven effective at waking me up include: copious amounts of water, crunchy fruits, lean proteins (turkey, fish) and of course, coffee (though not too much or there is an inevitable crash later). I try to avoid sugar, salt … and processed foods altogether.

4. Nap It

A recent article from Lifehacker extolled the virtues of napping to complete a life well-rested. It’s not a possibility for me on work days, but 20 minutes of quick shuteye can be a very effective picker upper for weekend days that you hope to salvage. If you’re looking for options on the job, just follow the George Constanza method.

5. Laugh it

I’m not sure about the scientific validity of this method, but laughing always wakes me up. Engaging socially, talking, faking energy – all wonderful ways to kickstart your energy reserve. One word of caution – do NOT use this time as an excuse to complain about how tired you are. This will ONLY MAKE MATTERS WORSE!


Of course, if all else fails, and it’s a summer Sunday afternoon, perhaps it’s just best to give into the urge to laze about on the couch all day, flipping through channels, not really focusing on anything and just indulging your body for once. You probably earned it. I know I did!

What do you do to wake up? 


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