Sights Unseen

No theme today. Just a mish mosh. Happy Friday! Another wonderful wedding event this weekend to celebrate my girl Andrea with a party/shower. I have a feeling it’s going to be a blast. My camera has been acting a little funny, so I hope it behaves itself for that!

Dan has started a store on Etsy for hand drawn maps! If you are interested in his work, check it out here.

When Dan is in “school mode” as he has jumped back into this week, I am responsible for cooking a lot more of our dinners. Since I love grilled food, I am jumping into grilling with both feet. I’m still not GREAT at it, but I’m sure with time, I will become a pro.

We recently went out for dinner with Cassie and her boyfriend Trent to this Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood that got good reviews. Dan got a FLIGHT of tequila and we actually learned a lot about the different kinds – our server was very knowledgeable. I had this beautiful pink concoction that tasted wonderful!

What’s on tap for YOU this weekend? 

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