My First GWOD

Last night, I resolved to try out a new feature on one of my favorite fitness sites, Greatist. They have begun offering “Workouts of the Day” that readers can follow along with at home. I opted to try the “Four Times a Week” option and start in the middle of the week versus waiting until next week. I got too excited!

For the most part, the workout went really well. One problem I ran into in a crowded gym setting (crowded! at 5am! can you believe that!?) was compromising a bit on the exercises. Luckily, it didn’t happen too much, but one that sticks out is the 1-Legged Hip Thrusts. I could not find two vacant benches close to each other to monopolize (I think that’s how you would do it!), so I compromised a bit and used only one.

I’m sure that was not the only exercise I performed with less than perfect form – that’s often what happens when I am trying a group of new exercises in one routine. New to me were: rack pulls, half kneeling cable lifts and yoga plex. I watched videos for all of them and drew stick figures to remind myself, but I know I’ll need a refresher course to execute properly the next time.

At times, I thought I might be taking it too easy throughout this routine, I generally try to cram a little bit more into my weight lifting in terms of number of activities and reps/sets. Since the whole thing came from a personal trainer, however, I forged ahead with the outlined plan and by the end, I was feeling it for sure! I’m going to stay on this plan for a little bit and see how it all works out. I will most likely add in some running/yoga/cardio kickboxing once in a while because I love all those things and would miss them dearly, but I am psyched for this new avenue of fitness!

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