Top 10 Signs You’re a Healthy Lifestyle Junkie

Gym rat, Fitnessista,  jock … whatever you choose to call it, there are people for whom it is clear: fitness is a major priority. This post is a bit broader. The top 10 signs that you put a healthy lifestyle first…

1. You buy giant containers of oatmeal and go through them frequently. Oatmeal is a wonderful food. It is low in calories, keeps you full for a long time, boosts your immune system, and can be mixed with almost anything! Bonus if you also buy huge jars of peanut butter and put oats in them overnight when they are almost empty.

2. Your google reader is flooded with news websites, blogs and magazine sites all dedicated to healthy recipes, new fitness regimes and new research about health trends and topics. Your thirst for knowledge about the topic cannot be quenched!

3. You always have to take a stroll down the fitness equipment aisle at Target. Kettlebells, Yoga Mats, Bosu Balls, oh my! Allllllmost as exciting as a new pair of shoes is a great new fitness purchase.

4. You latch on to any chance to talk health, fitness, clean eating recipes … with everyone you meet. Whether it’s a recent article in the New York Times or a happy accident that resulted in amazing veggie chili, these conversation starters are likely to throw you into a discussion tizzy.

5. You’ve considered quitting your job (or have quit your job!) to become an RD, a nutritionist, a personal trainer, etc. Doesn’t that sound absolutely dreamy?

6. You like working out on holidays, your birthday, Sundays. Some people might use these events as a reason to take a hiatus from the gym, but a real healthy lifestyle junkie genuinely enjoys incorporating fitness, no matter what day it is.

7. You know restaurant code for what kinds of dishes are calorie-laden and nutritionally-sparse. You intentionally avoid items with descriptions  with words like: breaded (even if it claims to be LIGHTLY breaded!), hollandaise, cream sauce and “con queso.” You frequently ask for things to be grilled, baked or broiled without any added butter.

8. Workout clothes are generally the first thing you pack when heading out on any trip. You can always go for a run, get a day pass to a gym or bring workout DVD’s to play on your laptop.

9. Frequently, your baked goods contain unusual ingredients like zucchini, tofu or avocado. When you serve them to non-healthy lifestyle junkies, you usually lie about what’s in them.

10. You are concerned (or in my case, obsessive) about getting enough sleep and have figured out wake-up times that are exactly eight hours after 10,11,12:00 … depending on what time you go to bed.

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