Rockin’ New Tunes

For me, making workout playlists is quite a project. I have to hunt through tons of songs in my iTunes library, trying to remember which artists I want to look at for consideration. Lots of times, it’s much easier to just plug my headphones into my iPhone and let Pandora do the choosin’. They have all sorts of great pre-made stations that I like – including, but not limited to, “Pop Fitness,” “Country Fitness,” “Today’s Alternatives,” and “Dance Hits of the 80’s” (see here for my thoughts on 80’s music for working out). This tactic is particularly convenient if I am doing cardio only and staying on a machine where I can stow my phone. I have also been taking it on runs with me, since I recently downloaded the RunKeeper app – my phone serves double duty on runs!

But lately, I have been amping up my weight training with GWOD from Greatist. When I’m juking and jiving around a bustling weight room (or even if I’m all by my lonesome in the basement gym at our office, which I highly prefer these days!), I just want to be able to clip my lil’ iPod Shuffle onto my waistband and go. So, I decided to update my months-old playlist. Below are the highlights. Previous posts on playlists can be found here and here.

New Tunes for Working Out – September 2012

1. All She Wants to do is Dance, Don Henley

2. Move This, Technotronic (HIGHLY recommend!)

3. I Want You to Want Me, Cheap Trick

4. Higher Ground, Red Hot Chili Peppers

5. Don’t Stop, Girl Talk

6. ABC, Jackson 5

7. Blurry, Puddle of Mudd

8. Shake Your Money Maker, Ludacris

9. Can I Get A … Jay-Z

10. Too much Glee to even mention.

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