Top 5 BEST (Healthy) Things About Fall

There are lots of amazing facets of fall to love. Scarves, boots, Halloween and my birthday – just to name a few. So I decided to highlight the ones that have a healthful element to them, in the name of remaining disciplined and dedicated to the focus of this blog. So here it goes, the top five best things about fall, with a twist of health:

1. Pumpkin. Pumpkin. MORE PUMPKIN. Whether it’s in beer, candles, cupcakes, oatmeal or carved up on the front porch, this is one of the absolute best reasons to get excited about fall. Dan doesn’t like it nearly as much as I do, but I am psyched to create some more pumpkin-centric recipes this year and get my body some extra Vitamin A while I’m at it.

2. Great weather for running. I know it’s a personal taste, but I cannot stand running when it’s too hot out. Especially if the high temps are accompanied by high levels of humidity. But in the fall, a nice crisp evening run, crunching through the leaves? Divine. We went for a three miler the other day and it blew by, I was enjoying myself so much! Also in this category includes long walks with the puppy (both of you bundled up, of course) and burning calories by jumping into piles of leaves and then burning even more calories running away from your neighbor who is angry about how you’ve ruined the nice pile of leaves he spent all morning raking.

3. The Crock Pot. Although technically this is an appliance that can be used all year round, it just feels the most appropriate in the fall. Chili, soup, stew … all perfect dinners for a fall evening, and so easy to stock with veggies and lean proteins. See past examples here and here. When it starts to get dark earlier and earlier, the last thing you feel like doing when you get home from work is spend hours cooking. The Crock Pot greets you at the door with a tantalizing aroma and welcomes you in with a fully prepared meal. Unfortunately, we discovered after making some Vegetarian Chili last week, that ours is cracked! (Incidentally, our rice cooker is on the fritz also – perhaps we should get married again and register for these items?!?) Dan has promised to fix it this week so that I don’t miss out on a moment of Crock Potty goodness this fall.

4. All other fall-friendly foods. Of course, pumpkin deserves it’s own bullet, but a shout-out to other nutritional fall favorites- apples, squash, sweet potatoes, etc. Here is a great compilation of recipes to try from Fitness Magazine using these faves.

5. More sleep. Summer is fun and filled with exciting activities. Vacations, holidays, fireworks, BBQ’s. But, that doesn’t leave a whole lot of downtime for decompressing or SLEEPING. Though fall brings a little more of that hibernation element around, it’s usually a welcome sign, since my poor little body is worn out from all the summertime partying by mid-September.

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