How Weights Won Me Over

Perhaps because of my background with soccer (in all its aerobic glory), I have always had a strong affinity for a cardio-based workout routine. In fact, I can remember the days where I considered a 20 minute stint on the elliptical a decent day of fitness. I’ve upped the ante a little bit since then of course: longer runs, mixing in more strength training, intervals and the like, but I always felt a kindred connection with the cardio portion.

Several times throughout the past couple of years, I have attempted to renew my vigor for a cohesive weights program. See examples of this herehere and here. Nothing has really stuck thus far. I bought books, Jillian Michaels’ DVD’s, read new blogs and planned out my routines in advance. But I haven’t been able to stick to anything the way I’ve been keeping up with my Greatist GWOD. For weeks now, I have been faithfully logging in each day to find the workout designated for my program and following it to a ‘T’. I took my phone to the gym to track my workouts (and also to watch conveniently linked YouTube videos of the exercises I wasn’t familiar with), and ya know what? It worked! I am now a strength-training convert!

The programs follow a great pattern with just enough repetition for me to develop favorite exercises, but enough diversity to keep me from getting bored. I am also SO much buffer than I was before I started. I say that with the utmost of humility and modesty, of course. I also feel better about my workouts than I have in a long time. I have been following (pretty religiously, with a few exceptions for special events) a schedule that has me working out on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, Friday. This is quite unusual for me because I used to LOVE waiting until the weekend to get my workouts in. Having them off has been a nice break, and a few times, I’ve even missed working out so much that I’ve gone for a run that wasn’t on the calendar.

In even further cardio blasphemy, the workouts ALWAYS require that you do strength BEFORE cardio. I’ve read a variety of articles since flip flopping my workouts that supports that mantra, and as I mentioned above, the results are something I can’t argue with. Sometimes, the routines wouldn’t call for cardio at all, but … I couldn’t go quite that far. In those cases, I generally added in my own 10-15 minutes of cardio for good measure.

I really feel like most people I talk to (especially females!) are much more into cardio than they are strength training. I’m here to convert you. Give me your reasons and I’ll refute them. BRING IT ON!

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