Top Five Fall Movies

I love “Top Five” lists. And “Top Ten.” Or really, any number with a “top” in front of it will do it for me. My Gmail inbox is filled with emails from Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine that promise the “Top Five Foods to Prevent Illness” or “Top Seven Ab Exercises for a Stability Ball.” So obviously, I love making my own top lists. Today I have been inspired to write a “Top Five Fall Movies” list. (Sidenote: I realize that these don’t directly relate to the topic of healthy living, wine or workouts, but honestly, they make me happy and … it’s my blog! Also, happiness is a very key part of a healthy lifestyle, so for all intents and purposes, I can justify writing about pretty much any topic I like.)

These movies were chosen on the basis a of a few criterion: having some or all of the plot taking place in the fall, my attachment to watching them during this particularly lovely time of year and just an abstract sense of “fallness” I get from them.

1. When Harry Met Sally: though the movie spans many seasons, one of the most quintessential scenes is when Harry and Sally are walking through the fall leaves and decide to finally begin a friendship. Incidentally, this is also the scene on the cover of the DVD box and thus strikes a “fall”  chord in my mind. No need to explain why this movie is so awesome – everyone knows.

2. Dan in Real Life: Besides being funny and highly entertaining, the entirety of the movie takes place during a fall weekend spent packing up a summer house to prepare for winter. I get a craving for this movie every September. I may or may not have already watched it three times this fall.

3. Garden State: set in the fall with plenty of outdoor scenery (in my childhood home state, no less), Zach Braff and Natalie Portman use a background of The Shins and Remy Zero to create the perfect fall movie. Especially the scene where they bury her hamster. Clutch.

4. Remember the Titans: Also a film that made another “top” list of mine, the football theme is an obvious nod to fall (especially since the start of football season is arguably THE best thing about this season). Plenty of chilly Friday nights shown in the movie invoke memories of my own high school falls spent at the stadium. (Also an honorable mention in the football fall movies is The Blind Side … LOVE that movie!)

5.  Meet the Parents: Though a majority of the movie takes place indoors, fall leaves (both in the rain gutter and on the ground) remind us that it’s a beautiful fall backdrop on the east coast throughout the movie.

This is a bit of a cheat, but … holiday movies. Toward the beginning of fall, these include Halloween movies, and after that, I move on to Thanksgiving movies and Christmas movies. All these sub-categories deserve their own lists, but a huge part of the fall for me is anticipation of the amazing holidays that come during and after it, so fall without holiday movies is no fall at all.

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