BIG(gest) Loser News

In the past, I’ve told you all about the wonders of my BodyMedia armband. Now you can all watch it for yourselves on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser!” At 8pm Central on January 6th (2013), Season 14 will bring everyone (including Jillian Michaels – yay!) back to the ranch, but this time – “armed” with technology. All 15 adult contestants, plus three child participants and 40 family members at home will have use of the body monitoring systems during the season (and to keep afterward as well.)

The same BodyMedia technology has proved in the past to be effective in aiding former contestants to track their fitness and stay motivated. In the new season, the technology has evolved and expanded by enabling the trainers (aside from Jillian, we still have Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince) to see all of the contestants’ information and data on a dashboard (also fueled by BodyMedia). Access to this data will also be provided to medical staff and the nutritionist, providing a new tool for evaluating contestants’ progress. The software will also allow remote monitoring of teenage participants during their periodic stays at home.

The contestants will be able to see their steps taken, levels of physical activity and calorie burn in real time (how motivational!) They will also have access to daily food logging and data upload to BodyMedia’s online Activity Manager software, using computer stations in the house where contestants stay during the show.

Such great news for everyone involved! For more articles on this topic, you can check out these links:


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