Sights Unseen, holiday edition

As networks air their holiday episodes and we end the last workweek people are guaranteed to be found in the office instead of celebrating the holidays, I thought it might be appropriate to share some of the holiday cheer that Dan and I have brought to our own apartment. It doesn’t hurt that we are hosting our own little holiday shindig and attending a work holiday party this weekend; there’s nothing like back to back Christmas parties to get your spirits bright. Our new apartment has a lot more space and opportunities to decorate – a fact that I am celebrating, whereas I’m sure Dan is lamenting it (he’s the one who has to do a lot of the work). But either way, all the festivity in our apartment is crystal clear. Here are a few snapshots.


You may remember this little guy from my DIY efforts last year. He makes the perfect accent in our back room. This year’s crafty project was a little more advanced …


I handled the first portion (above and below):


But luckily, I had help from an amazing crafter.


And the end result was spectacular!


(By the way, we got the inspiration and idea for this project from The Lovely Cupboard check out her blog – it’s amazing!)

All of that pretty much covered one room, but what about the main event?

We are lucky enough to have a fireplace now, and with that comes a mantle!



Fill in the little spaces …



and then? THE TREE!


Complete with ornaments from some of our favorite lovable losers.


And a little choo choo around the base.


Definitely the most wonderful time of the year.


Merry Christmas!

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