a bookworm’s dream

This year, I got my Christmas present from Dan a little early.

Last Friday, I came home to a giant shape in the corner of our apartment covered by blankets and duct tape (shamefully, I didn’t actually notice it at first…) Dan’s hands were covered in tar and he was less than forthcoming with details about what it was. I can honestly say I had NO idea what he was plotting, but the unveiling was dazzling.


The most beautiful bookshelf in all the land. Dan scoured my Pinterest page and found that several of my “home” pins revolved around innovative bookshelves. As an English major and self-proclaimed bookworm, I have a habit of collecting volumes upon volumes. During our recent move, when we purged our kitchen, closets and … bookshelves, I got rid of many books that I have been missing. Along with his handmade masterpiece, Dan replaced many of those books, and added some new ones.


Each shelf is covered in a chalkboard surface that allows me to customize my collection, though Dan provided some initial suggestions to get me started as well. He also purchased a giant container of multi-colored chalk.

The side of the bookshelf is currently displaying a quote from one of my favorite authors of all time, Vladimir Nabokov (author of Pnin, Lolita, among others). Dan found this and took the liberty of putting up there. It says:


“Literature and butterflies are the two sweetest passions known to man.”

He thought of everything!

He even found some reading light ideas on my Pinterest page, and chose the “fireflies in a Mason Jar” to illuminate the shelves. There’s a switch on the back of the shelves to control this part.


It’s the most thoughtful, artful, wonderful gift I could have asked for, so hopefully he will accept this dedicated post to him as a verbose, but thorough thank you note for his time and generosity, as well as an ode to how impressed I am with his creativity and skill. In case YOU are looking for a gift hand-crafted by Dan, check out his Etsy page for some hand-drawn maps he’s been working on. They are beautiful.


It lights up winter evenings to create the perfect reading area.


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