Sights Unseen, holiday party edition!

As we head off to St. Louis for a festive and fun-filled weekend with friends, I thought I’d share a few shots from last weekends festivities. As usual, we were too busy having fun to take a lot of pictures during the action and I didn’t even get to capture a majority of the food that people brought/made, but just a few images made it through from our seasonal party.

chaicakesWe originally decided to have this group of friends over to taste the beer the boys had brewed. We did break open the beer, but it turned into so much more than just a nod to seasonal brews. I love how the holidays provide so many excuses to make merry with those you love.

Everyone was so awesome and brought a ton of delicious treats. mintbrowniesI made chai cupcakes with a cranberry tea frosting (plus some red sprinkles for extra merriness!). I have basically been looking for any excuse possible to break out our Kitchen Aid mixer (a wedding gift that didn’t quite jive with our counter space and storage capabilities in our last apartment, but now that we are in a bigger place, we were able to welcome back to our home!) Cassie brought candy cane brownies, which were absolutely amazing.

In addition to the beer, we also served my favorite seasonal beverage, apple pie cider! I was introduced to this holiday gem by Dan’s family and we’ve made it every year since then.



I’ll post the recipe soon!

Not knowing that Cassie would be bringing her candy cane flavored brownies, I too used the seasonal favorite to create a snack I discovered last year



Peppermint bark! I love this stuff and may have ALSO made some to give out as presents to special folks in my life. It requires every ounce of self-control in my body not to eat all of it as I’m making it and placing it in the tin.

The MVP in the kitchen this time around was our friend, Mario. He took things to a whole new level with roasted pears wrapped in prosciutto, sausage stuffed mushrooms and carrot cake. I wish I had photos of these delicacies, but instead have what I think is a really adorable picture of him and his girlfriend Annette.



She also looks pretty spectacular photo bombing our picture.



But THIS was my favorite couple of the night.



Merry (almost) Christmas!

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