sights unseen, christmas 2012 (part 1)

we were so lucky this year to have so many wonderful people and events to celebrate the most wonderful holiday of the year – christmas. we went to st. louis with andrea, kris and some other friends, and then spent several wonderful days seeing dan’s family. we capped it all off with a weekend in virginia to see my mom and grandma, so we could keep christmas going for at least a week. here is the first portion to document these wonderful events, part one of a three part series! merry christmas, happy holidays, happy new year!

i was ecstatic to be able to spend some quality time with andrea, especially so close to christmas. she is so full of life and fun, and is always up for a fun night out.



we went to a restaurant downtown on friday night called bailey’s range. amazing burgers, unique drinks and a fun atmosphere. everyone got in pretty late, so we just chatted and kept things low key, so we were up and at ’em on saturday morning. we ventured out to find some breakfast, and the weather was gorgeous.









we stayed right near the scottrade center, so that even though we couldn’t attend the mizzou v. u of i basketball game, we could be right in the heart of the action.

lined up outside the stadium were a plethora of food trucks that we were all intrigued by, but never actually got to experience.



where we DID experience the food, however, was hoagie city diner. it was a magical place, run by wan ho. dan was pretty much in heaven the whole time we were there.



we also made a stop at union station.


and we all got a big kick out of the whispering arch – you whisper on one end of the room and someone standing on the other end can hear you! very intriguing.



the whole place was also decked out for the holidays, which we all appreciated.





saturday evening, we put on our best in team spirit and headed out to watch the game! mizzou won, which made some of us very happy. i bet you can tell by the below picture who that might have been.




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