sights unseen, christmas 2012 (part 2)

we left off yesterday with our marvelous trip to st. louis right before christmas. today, we will cover christmas eve with dan’s mom’s family and christmas morning with just the immediate morey family.

dan and i had a surprisingly small amount of pictures together in 2012. we’re going to try to change that this year (it’s hard, since i’m usually the one holding the camera), and we started with a few during christmastime. his mom took this beauty.


we spent christmas eve evening sipping wine, eating the delicious meal dan’s parents prepared and chatting with the millers. we missed kristyn, and all took a ride to the airport around 10pm to pick her up! for some reason, i didn’t do a good job documenting this particular event, but i did get one great shot of dan with his cousin scott and then their dads. see any similarities?



we woke up on christmas morning to have a leisurely and delicious breakfast, open gifts and relax together. we were all so lucky this year and got so many thoughtful gifts. we also laughed all morning long at puppy antics (we had penny of course, and then jasper, the pride and joy of Cassie, who we have been puppysitting this holiday season).





delicious banana bread, fruit salad and an egg casserole were devoured, as were endless cups of coffee in holiday mugs. there’s nothing more fun than grabbing your mug every time the dogs run by to ensure they don’t spill it on the carpet! ๐Ÿ™‚



we made quick work of our giant pile of presents.








what a wonderful way to spend christmas morning.

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