a farewell nod to 2012

i said it last year, and it’s still extremely true this year – one of my most favorite things about having a blog is being able to look back at all my wonderful memories and reminisce. as i did last year, i wanted to do a post that paid a bit of homage to 2012. so, here ya go!

– i really did make an excellent effort to spice up my workouts. dan and i have been getting a lot of use out of our TRX system that his parents gave us for christmas. i upped my yoga obsession, which is something i would love to continue into the new year. Dan created a workout dedicated to The Hunger Games. i made up a workout that just about killed me. i also created the “give and take workout.” and i invented the “leftovers” workout and the “abs and booty” workout. i have suffered through a tabata workout a few times. i embraced (and have been consistently embracing) the #GWOD from greatist.com.

– dan and i continued our “we’re still in love with each other” affair. with valentine’s day, his birthday (celebrated with lots of pork!), we embarked on a new adventure by moving to the city, and then we helped two of our best couple friends get married (congrats again, kat/brian and andrea/kris!) we hosted our very first thanksgiving together and decked our halls with a vengeance.

– we didn’t travel as much as last year, but we got a few little vacations in. we went on another ski adventure in february, where dan fell in love with snowboarding. we’re going back again in 2013! we also hit up nashville with a couple of our friends and had a long summer weekend by the lake in la porte. dan took his first visit to my grandmother’s house in virginia. i took a trip with my mom for nicole’s baby shower in st. louis. we also got to go back to my college city to meet up with andrea, kris and friends right before christmas.

– dan continued to be amazing. he:

-though i had a lot going on, i tried my best to cook/bake/create. some highlights of creation include:

2012 was a wonderful, eye-opening and inspiring year. i learned an unbelievable amount about friendship, family, love and the importance of letting the little things go. i’ll do a separate post about my resolutions (yes, i do still love the idea of a clean slate and making promises to myself that i KNOW i can keep!), but upon reflection about the past year, i can’t complain.

not to be a meta-blogger, but i also just love being able to put this in a place where i will easily be able to access them throughout the year and look back on them next year as well. here are mine from last year…i actually did fairly well on some of them..

-i would say that dan’s and my efforts at cleanliness and organization are in much higher gear than they were last year. blame it on our new apartment or having company over a lot more often, but i feel a lot better about our consistent state of living.

-we have done an amazing job at budgeting. with dan in school, our elevated cost of living in the city and the absence of dan’s LEGOLAND salary, i cannot express enough what a good job we’ve both done of being conscious of our finances and making selective decisions based on our priorities. it’s not always easy, but i am so proud of us.

– i have read a little bit more as well! i signed on to be a book reviewer for real simple magazine – so that’s helped encourage me to read more, but also my new bookshelf will push that goal even further…

happy new year to all of you!

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