resolve for 2013

I know some people aren’t on board with the concept of resolutions. i’ve heard interesting points of view on this topic (most recently from my lovely friend, cassie) and while i get where she (and others) are coming from, i can’t shake my love for resolutions. ever since i was young, i relished in the thought of a clean slate. i welcomed the opportunity to set goals and re-evaluate my thoughts, actions and beliefs to make room for improvement. each december 31, i would eagerly write out my resolutions in a notebook (that i no doubt kept in my lisa frank trapper keeper) and anticipate how i would put them to action throughout the year. this new year’s eve was no different, and below are my hopes and dreams for 2013. i know they won’t be executed flawlessly, and i won’t get down on myself for going astray, but i am excited and exhilarated with all 2013 has to offer.




2013 Resolutions

1. brush it off.

so many times, i take things too seriously, get upset about little things or get caught up in drama. maybe i’ve finally learned (at the ripe old age of 28) that almost nothing makes a big difference long term, and it’s not worth the ruffled feathers to get bent out of shape about it.

2. create.

dan’s christmas gift (not to mention his other recent additions to the apartment that i need to post about!) have reminded me how much dan and i love to be surrounded by things that are unique and optimally, created by us. more projects, more inspiration, more creation.

3. eat better.

this is almost a ridiculous one, because dan and i eat REALLY well already. this resolution is all-encompassing, though. after delving into omnivore’s dilemma, dan and i both agreed to eat less meat that isn’t grass-fed and antibiotic free. that might mean eating it less often (so as not to sacrifice our budget) or getting more creative, but so be it! better planning, better food, better variety. we can do it.

4. take. more. pictures.

as i look through all my christmas posts (1, 2, 3), and also cassie’s christmas post, nothing makes me happier than looking at amazing images of loved ones, and it shouldn’t take christmas to make it happen. i want more mastery over my camera, the creation of more opportunities to photograph and more basking in the art i create.

5. appreciate people more.

whether it’s someone i work with or my own husband, i need to get better at enjoying the unique facets of people i interact with, and appreciating them for a reason. not everyone will be with me forever, and it’s up to me to squeeze every single ounce of value out of them while they are.

there are a lot of things about 2013 that make me sad. i’m missing a lot of people in my life (my parents, kristyn, andrea and kris, kat and brian, the rest of my family), but i’m bound and determined to heed the above and be happy.



3 thoughts on “resolve for 2013

  1. Love these Moll 🙂 especially the “brush it off” and take more pictures. Even though its my profession, it is CRAZY how much I lack photos with Trent and Jasper, photos with you (up until our christmas, anyway) and the rest of our friends. That has to change! Xoxo

  2. cass, i couldn’t agree more! we’ll definitely help each other, i have no doubt! i’m hoping you’ll turn me into a much better photog just by osmosis. xoxoxo

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