have yourself a happy little new year

over the past few new years, dan and i have done some pretty fun things. last year, we joined a huge group of friends at a “cage the elephant” concert at the aragon ballroom. we’ve also done dinners out, dance parties, house parties and hotel parties. this year was a bit quieter, but since we were spending it together, just as wonderful. we were just returning from a sojourn to virginia with my mom and grandmother, and wanted to keep our plans flexible in case something happened with our flight (since we missed our flight on the way out and almost did the same on the way back, this was definitely not a bad decision).

first, dan made two of the most spectacular pizzas he’s ever created. we also indulged in a luscious bordeaux (no pictures of either, sorry for the teaser).

in the early evening, we headed to cassie and annette’s to fetch our penny puppy (thanks again to annette for watching her for us!). she was setting up for a magnificent party, both new year’s and birthday-related. (happy birthday, mario!) everything looked beautiful, so i took it upon myself to document a few festive details.


shrimp margs

annettecooks jasperbegs kazoos dangledeco partyhats pennyannettes mephotog 2013glasses

But after a little while, our little family decided to head home and spend the new year together on the couch with mr. woody allen and some hard cider. cheers to a beautiful new year!

sleepypup1 sleepypup2 cider1

cide woodyallen

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