morning workouts – a thing of the past

getting up on cold, Chicago, winter mornings is never an easy task. the alarm goes off around 5am and even if you can convince yourself of how energized and spunky you’ll feel following this workout in that moment of weakness, nothing can erase how chilly the hardwood floor feels to your toes. then, a realization washes over you … you have to walk on that floor – all the way to the back of the apartment, into the closet of frigidity to get your gym clothes out (why oh why didn’t you sleep in your gym clothes or at least set them out to warm up overnight?) and put them ON. there aren’t sweatshirts in the world large enough to banish the wind heard howling outside.

who needs to be in shape THIS badly? 

you’ll feel better afterward.

i’ll just do it LATER.

then, there’s the workout itself. these used to be simpler. hop on the treadmill/arc trainer/elliptical – maybe lift a couple of weights…and done!

but now, with circuit training offerings from the likes of and their gwod’s, obstacles like the one below are what waits.

Start with 10 minutes of easy jogging, either outside or on the treadmill.

Rest 2-3 minutes, then for time:

Run for 5 minutes (either outside or on the treadmill at a moderate pace)
25 Dumbbell Thruster (full squats!)
Run for 5 minutes
25 Jump Squats
Run for 5 minutes
25 Dumbbell Squat + Biceps Curl + Overhead Press (perform all three movements; that’s one rep)
Run for 5 minutes
25 Push-up

in a crowded gym filled with new year’s resolutionists, this is a feat not easily accomplished. it would be so much easier to complete the above in the basement gym of my office – before work, during a lunch break, heck – even after work!

so, let’s not set ourselves up for failure, huh? working out is supposed to be a fun addition to my life, and HEY! i have to go to CES next week and that will be taxing enough. we’ll try the gym early morning another day.

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