CES Stats

today, i head out to the wondrous land of las vegas to experience all that is CES 2013. it’s a thrilling and overwhelming experience that people anticipate and dread each year as soon as the previous show ends. for pr people, it’s nerve-wracking and exhilarating as we sell our souls to make sure reporters notice our clients and give them primetime media coverage.

it’s also a crazy calorie-burning venture. while i don’t generally have the time/energy to work out while i’m there, i wear my bodymedia armband to determine just how much energy i’m expending each day. though i didn’t make a record of it last year, i definitely will this year. my top calories burned in 2012 was almost 3000. i’m confident i can top that in 2013. now if i only had time to EAT while i was there. i will say, it is the perfect timing – gain a few pounds for the holidays – use CES to blow them off!

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