Dan 2.0

As I have been off, CES’ing and recovering from aforementioned CES, Dan has been kind enough to share a post with us. Read on, if you dare.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always learned best by breaking down and taking apart the topic at hand and reconstructing it in a way that help me understand it to the core. Whether it be calculus, lawnmower engines, language or playing a musical instrument, I’ve left a trail of “extra parts” behind me as I’ve grow up. So in recent years, I’ve been breaking down the things in my life that I hadn’t really thought of needing to learn or re-learn and the results have been nothing short of astonishing.  Here’s my list of how I’ve hacked my life and my body to create Dan 2.0…..

  • HACK: Make and use homemade deodorant.

Many brands of store bought deodorant contain aluminum which can be harmful. A natural and organic mixture of baking soda, corn starch and coconut oil is a much healthier and significantly cheaper alternative

RESULTS: My body produces less odor overall, I’m healthier without the added aluminum and less shirts are ruined buy that unsightly blue armpit stain.

  • HACK: I’ve given up soap

After some research, it turns out that your body doesn’t need soap and in fact, you bodily oils will balance themselves out naturally. So over two years ago, I gave up using body soap in the shower and cut my shampoo use in half.

RESULTS: My skin is less oily in the summer, less dry in the winter, my acne has cleared and I don’t even smell – Molly can attest to that!

  • Sit in the front row on the left side of the room

I’ve recently transferred to a 4yr university after completing my AA at a Community College, I found the first semester a shock to the system and more difficult to adjust to than I expected. To help me learn at my peak in an environment that seems to hinder my optimal style of learning, I’ve begun this semester by taking a seat in the front row on the instructor’s right. By sitting in front, I get that smaller classroom feel that I prefer. And by sitting to the right, I hear more with my left ear which gets processed by my left brain, the analytical side

RESULTS: Check back in at the end of the semester

  • HACK: Ride a bike as much as possible

After moving back into the city, I’m making a conscious effort to bike as much as possible, even in the winter. While I do hold a special place in my heart for my ’88 Tempo Fixie, there was more to this than amusement.

RESULTS: I’m getting a little exercise, reducing my carbon footprint and at ∞ mpg, it’s far more cost effective.

  • Got rid of my smartphone

Mostly to save money as I went back to school (about $600/yr), I ditched my data package and thus had to use a “dumb” phone that I purchased online circa 2002. As a result, I’ve reaped far more benefits than I ever expected!

RESULTS: My level of creativity is through the roof, my memory is improved, my attention span has lengthened and my critical thinking abilities continue to be honed – I’m not just Googling everything anymore.

  • Dvorak

Even as I’m typing this, I’m doing so on a keyboard with a Dvorak layout. It’s been difficult re-learning how to type all over again, but in the end – according to research on this style of layout – I’ll be better off in the long run

RESULTS: Drastically reduce the risk of Carpel Tunnel and I’ll eventually be able to type faster than I did using QWERTY

There are still a slew of other ways I’ve hacked my life but these were the ones most worth mentioning, as they’ve had the most noticeable positive results. Here are a few more things I’ve done that deserve an honorable mention…..

  • Gave up a disposable razor for a single, straight blade (except when traveling)
  • Use a wallet made out of repurposed bicycle inner tubes
  • Carry a notebook in my back pocket EVERYWHERE I go.
  • Made furniture out of repurposed items I’ve found, i.e. pallet coffee table

You can read other posts by Dan here and here and here and here.

4 thoughts on “Dan 2.0

  1. The best thing about the list above is how much thought you’ve given to the things you do – big and small. It should serve you well.

  2. Dan, I’ve never met you, and I relate. I appreciate the way you are choosing to interact in a direct, hands-on way with the various things that are a part of your life. art is life. life is art. yes.

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