Beating the Winter Blahs

this week, temperatures have dropped. when i woke up yesterday morning, it was FIVE degrees. so, to me, it’s hibernation time. getting up in the morning feels like a death sentence and furry ugg boots are non-optional. but instead of succumbing to the winter doldrums, i decided to make a list of things i could do to embrace the season and retain my optimism.

1. crock pot time! it’s the prime time of year to throw veggies, lean protein and some veggie stock in the pot in the morning and walk in to nasal nirvana after work, knowing that a cooked dinner is only moments away. some of my favorite past recipes?

Sweet Potato Stew
Crock Pot Tacos

some that i’m excited to try out?

Chicken, Ginger and Broccoli Soup from Daily Unadventures in Cooking
Lamb Curry from Men’s Health

2. film festival. what better time to catch up on rentals than when you want to drown out the howling wind outside? we’ve been burning through some of our netflix list lately, with movies like looper and premium rush (i have just a teensy crush on joseph gordon-levitt). we also checked out hope springs and the campaign. but one of our all-time favorite “winter” movies is new in town, which takes place in minnesota. perfect for commiserating about the cold! 

3. baking up a storm. when it’s cold outside and you don’t feel like paying for heat, turn on the oven! previously in my baking life, i’ve been on a cupcake binge, but i have big plans to branch out with chocolate chip cookie dough brownies and ginger sweet potato cheesecake. at least one of those is healthy.

4. winter-friendly beverages. hot tea, hot chocolate (had a really delicious mug of that AT hot chocolate in wicker park last week), coffee, hot apple pie cider or wine. i just ordered a few bottles of new treats from – can’t wait to test them out!

5. art projects. it’s the best time raid pinterest and dig my heels into a few inspiring ideas. i’ve already finished one (secret) creation …

of course, there are always new workouts to get behind. it’s definitely not “running outside” weather, but it’s a wonderful time to try new circuits, lift weights and perfect all my yoga poses. i WILL become a yoga beast one of these days.



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