Super Healthy Super Bowl

i recently read an article claiming that the average number of calories consumed on the super bowl is second only to those ingested on thanksgiving. what?! but then, pizza, wings, chips, dip and beer can all add up pretty quickly. i’ve made some healthy suggestions for the big game in the past, but i got a few more up my sleeve. the below veggie chili is one i highly recommend.

we started out with a pot full of chopped veggies – green peppers, zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, red onion and celery. add some spices – cayenne pepper, black pepper and some salt.



then, add as much sriracha for shazam as you can handle.



then comes chicken or veggie broth to help cook it all.



and tomatoes for extra flavor and extra juice.



splash in a bit of local flavor.



once it’s all in the crock pot, throw the lid on it and press play!



we serve ours with a bit of plain greek yogurt and some avocado slices. enjoy!


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