welcome to the neighborhood

a few weeks ago, dan and i walked home from a get together with friends in the neighborhood next to ours. we passed a storefront that we had previously taken note of and vowed to check out, as it was new on the block. it was the chicago diner. we dropped in to have a drink, and after looking at the food menu, i realized that it was another location of a joint i’d heard cassie rave about previously. a vegan diner! we’d already eaten dinner, so we took note of the menu options and promised to order take out soon. fast forward to the coldest week of january (and winter, thus far). not wanting to cook, do dishes or emerge from our blanket cocoon, dan and i opted to order takeout.

dan got a fake meat option – the “dagwood” sandwich, meant to taste like a reuben, but with non-meat meat.



it came with a pickle and sweet potato fries, and though i was only allotted one bite, i can say confidently that it tasted pretty much exactly like the meat version of a reuben. delicious.

i got the “soul bowl.”



a bed of quinoa with blackened tofu, brussels sprouts and avocado. though i know i could create this concoction at home for myself, it was still darn tasty.

we also ordered a delicious soy mocha cheesecake with raspberry sauce, but that didn’t survive long enough to be photographed. needless to say, we will certainly be ordering from this new local joint again. welcome to the neighborhood  chicago diner. we’re awfully glad you’re here.

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