pizza pie off

dan and i make pizza at home all the time. you’re probably tired of hearing about it. but surprisingly, we are not even remotely tired of making it. last saturday night, we decided our date would be a competition. a pizza pie off. we would each make a pie and vote for a winner. to be fair, i did very little documentation of dan’s pizza, and mostly just photographed my own. it was (sort of) an accident.

we started with all the necessary raw materials: toppings, wine and tunes. not necessarily in that order.






dan and i both “seasoned” our cast iron skillet by prepping some pork (he had a tenderloin and i had some bacon). this portion in particular interested penny.





i used one of our christmas presents from my parents (a mandolin!) to prep brussels sprouts and red onion.


mandolin in motion



dan has been making our dough by hand (another post for another time – it is a bit of a process and he will have to be the one to explain it as i still have no idea how he does it). so he laid out the base layer.


dan took a picture of his pie (he took the deep dish pan) before it went in the oven.



i put down a layer of parmesan, then added my brussels sprouts, onions, some garlic and cooked bacon.



then, i shaved some parm, and sprinkled some blue cheese on top.




after about 40 minutes in the oven and a little bit of time spent cooling, both pies were ready for a taste.

mollyfinished danfinished


dan’s pizza: purple potatoes, pork tenderloin, a white bean garlic sauce, white peaches and mozzarella.

molly’s pizza: brussels sprouts, bacon, garlic, parmesan, blue cheese and red onions.

the winner? we both decided it was mine by a landslide. we’ll just call it beginner’s luck. dan was appalled.



better luck next time, cowboy!

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