a low cal dessert to die for

any weekend morning that i’m able to, i take a seat by our fireplace with my pup, a cup of coffee and my laptop to empty out my inbox and read my way through the internets. since a lot of my incoming personal email comes from places such as women’s health magazineshape magazine and fitness magazine, i have a lot of new workouts and recipes to digest.

recently, i found an email titled “10 healthy sweet potato recipes” that linked here. immediately intrigued, i flipped through the slideshow for some new ways to enjoy one of my favorite starchy veggies. my jaw dropped when i hit the slide for ginger-sweet potato cheesecake. i couldn’t believe that you could combine one of my favorite desserts with the sweet potato. time to give it a try!

i gathered my ingredients. start by chopping up the sweet potatoes. (i just prepared two full mashed sweet potatoes – it was more than the recipe called for, but it was easier to measure in mashed form and i ate the leftovers for lunch the next day – bonus!)


and i got to use my food processor (one of my favorite wedding gifts).

fiber one

i read from someone’s comments on the magazine’s website that it’s actually better to use all bran instead of fiber one because fiber one contains aspartame. noted for next time! i also think i could find a replacement for the ginger snaps that’s not processed (though dan did enjoy munching on the leftover cookies).

i roasted the dried apricots. this goes on as a layer in between the cheesecake and the crust, and while it’s not completely necessary, it tasted delicious. i bought dried apricots with no added sugar, something you have to be very careful of with dried fruits.


i mixed together the cheesecake filling (and got to use another of my favorite wedding gifts – the kitchen aid mixer!) the recipe calls for neufchatel cheese, but we couldn’t find that at the store, so we subbed in marscapone, and it worked just fine. another small substitution made – instead of making crystallized ginger, i used less ground ginger to compensate. tips on making that switch here.



you smush the crust mixture onto the bottom of your pan and pre-bake it a bit, then put down your layer of apricots, fill it up with cheesecake, and then bank for about 45 minutes.

it already looked and smelled delicious in it’s baked glory.


but we decided to follow instructions and put it in the refrigerator for a while before enjoying. it was worth it. creamy, chilled and perfect with JUST a bit of cinnamon on top.


i highly recommend!

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