a change’ll do you good

lately, things in my healthy living realm have been going along swimmingly. i do my workouts from greatist and eat well (for the most part), wear my bodymedia, count calories and call it a day. but, as usual, i was ready to shake things up a bit. enter miss keri lynn ford.


though i have known her (pretty much my whole life) as keri yapaolo (she was one of my best friends and dance companions growing up in new jersey), she is all grown up and taking the healthy living world by storm. in addition to appearing in many fitness publications and competitions, she has started an online fitness training community – the IgniteGirls Fitness Community. and who wouldn’t want to take advice from this girl? she’s trained celebs like alison sweeney from the biggest loser and jennifer love hewitt.



she’s a dynamite firecracker with contagious motivation and energy. she provided a meal plan (more on that later), as well as a training plan (ditto) that were customized for me, my lifestyle, my needs and my current eating and fitness habits. she spent an hour on the phone with me to kick things off, explaining the rationale behind her recommendations and answering the one million questions i had at the outset. i officially start the program today, but as i shopped for new foods last week and got accustomed to what i would be engaging in, she answered my every text, email and question. she also leads a community on facebook that encourages members to post recipes, suggestions, questions and motivational quotes.

i am unbelievably excited to try her program and report back about results, challenges and successes.

if anyone is considering shaking things up, needs an added bit of guidance or is intrigued by what i have described, definitely contact keri and see what she has to offer. here’s a little bit more information about her, her background and credentials:

Keri Lynn Ford is an ACE Certified Trainer, Maddog Certified Spin Instructor, Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach and the Creator of IgniteGirls Fitness, an online training and nutrition program. Keri is a former University of Delaware college cheerleader and has previously trained celebrities such as Alison Sweeney from The Biggest Loser, Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Love Hewitt. She has also graced the cover of FitnessX Magazine, and the pages of Physique and Fit & Firm. To read more about Keri, visit kerilynnford.com.


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