nutritional shake up

as i mentioned, i am working with keri on a new regiment for healthy living. two major components go into any successful program: the eats and the workouts. because i believe that the former is more important (something about great abs being made in the kitchen and not in the gym?), that’s the focus on my first post. i, of course, will not divulge my full meal plans – if you are interested in a personalized program, you will have to talk to keri about that. luckily for me, her concept of healthy eating on this plan is not that different than mine has been for the past couple of years, but here are a few goals, courtesy of both her suggestions and my interpretation/adaptation:

1. eat more frequently. plenty of times, in the whirlwind of a workday, i let way too much time pass between eating/snacking/grazing. it’s way better for the metabolism (and let’s face it, my mental and emotional stability) if i keep it going.

2. eat more protein. while dan and i have been living a fairly plant-focused existence, we could be doing a lot better at getting our lean protein in. tuna, cod, salmon, turkey … it’s time to bring these things back into my life a bit more to build more muscle and again, keep my metabolism revved.

3. continue to eat a ton of vegetables, and lots of different kinds. this is just something that shouldn’t change – i love my “greens!”

4, drink even more water. this one’s easy. works great to flush all the toxins out, stay hydrated and avoid soda, juice, etc.

5. speaking of drinking … i’m cutting back on booze. for the first few weeks, i’m limiting myself to just a couple drinks per week, but i am also planning to spend several weeks not drinking at all. my liver cannot be burning fat or functioning properly when it’s busy with alcohol, so it will be a little reboot for my system. so for just a little bit, more workouts than wine!

i’m excited to see how shaking things up a little bit will change my workouts and change my overall well-being. i’m looking forward to finding new foods and new recipes that fit with this plan as well. (right now, i’m only slightly disgruntled because i am currently sick (and we all know how i feel about that.)

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