diy peanut butter

on my new nutritional journey, one food group i am very grateful to have included daily? healthy fats. i l-o-v-e avocados, nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and any nut butter i’ve ever encountered. i can go through a jar of almond or peanut butter before dan’s had time to look at the jar. (by the way, the empty jars, of course, make wonderful vessels for overnight oats in a jar. but that is it’s own category). given all my consumption of the stuff, i thought it high-time i looked into making my own, for cost, flavor and health reasons. i recently learned that if you are going to stick with store-bought brands, you should avoid added sugar and palm oil. but if you’ll just follow the photos below (inspired by this post by the lovely averie), you will notice that making your own is a snap. just add the nuts to a food processor (plus any other add-ins you deem appropriate – i used honey), and give it a whir. it’s more delicious than any brand i’ve ever tested and takes no time to make. the only problem i had? i didn’t make enough! it’s already gone, and i’m brainstorming flavor profiles for my next batch.

pb1 pb2 pb3





4 thoughts on “diy peanut butter

  1. Thanks for trying out the homemade peanut butter idea based on my post and I appreciate you linking back…thank you! And I am so glad you love it and are a fan! Interesting that you used honey and had total success. Sometimes people write to me saying they tried honey and it wasn’t successful; your food processor was clearly up for the task 🙂

    • thank YOU for being my pioneer and trying it out first! i love your blog and am excited to try some of the other peanut butter “recipes” that you have up your sleeve.

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