shrimp tacos

in addition to all my other nutritional goals, i’ve been on the hunt for recipes that fit in well with my new eating plan and incorporate the necessary elements. enter these delicious shrimp tacos!

we went to our new favorite destination for fresh (and relatively inexpensive) produce – Mariano’s. we returned home with a plethora of colors, textures and tastes.

redpeppers cadoclose veggiestri addinavocado

red cabbage, green & red peppers, avocadoes, onions, and snap peas all served as our “greens.”

while we chopped, we each sipped a glass of red wine:



i purchased this bottle during a promotion on and got a pretty good deal on it! we both agreed that though it was not the best flavor profile and had a little bit too much of a “woodsy” overtone, it was enjoyable enough.

we also put the record player to good use with a recent purchase from a used vinyl shop in our neighborhood.


we tried a new kind of wrap that turned out to be a major winner.



for our protein, of course, we went with some high quality shrimp. dan took care of removing the skin.


he also created his patented “secret” sauce for seafood that uses greek yogurt (plain chobani) as its base and has the perfect amount of kick to it. this time, we poured it over the shrimp and used it to saute a bit. i stirred.



the end result was tasty and stunning (even though i always stuff my taco shell with way too much food).

closeupwrap finishedwrap


we enjoyed our taco wraps by a roaring fire and topped them off with a game of scrabble and some chai. cheers!




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