the perfect pair

as i mentioned, my new nutritional goals include plenty of protein. one source i have longtime enjoyed and can fortunately continue to consume on a daily basis is greek yogurt! this wonder food has lots of protein and live cultures that make it healthy (not to mention all the potential for recipes and substitutions in cooking/baking!), and the bonus is that a lot of the flavors have natural fruit in them as well! some of keri’s suggestions include combining protein and fruit (among other things), especially earlier in the day. enter the perfectly timed shipment i received from my favorite yogurt gurus at chobani.

chobani4 chobani3 chobani2 chobanie1

their two newest flavors, banana and pear, are just as tasty as all the other varieties i already love (my favorites are apple, blood red orange and pineapple), so i was happy to put these guys into the rotation. thanks for the perfect combination of fruit and protein!

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