phase 1 – almost done

the program that keri has me on is divided into three phases of four weeks each. it’s hard to believe how quickly the time has passed, but i am currently in the midst of my final week of the first phase. i’m happy to report that i am feeling pretty successful about my overall participation in the project. a few notes of progress:

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  • i’m down in my measurements (about an inch from my waist!)
  • i’ve successfully limited myself to two alcoholic beverages per week, which wasn’t as difficult as i originally anticipated it would be. i feel ready to cut it out completely (as phases two and three call for), and see what happens.
  • the workouts don’t feel impossible. four days a week, i do a regimen designed by keri, each one taking about an hour and involving lots of strength and cardio challenges. though the four workouts remain the same for all four weeks of the phase, they become increasingly more difficult via more repetitions. when i first started the program and looked at week four for some of the workouts, i shook my head and thought, “no way!” but luckily, that hasn’t yet happened.
  • i have grown more accustomed to consuming more calories. i had suspected previously that i wasn’t getting enough via the use of my bodymedia and research done about calories in/out when you have less than 10 pounds to lose. it took keri planning out my every bite to get me to cross the threshold and eat more food and to do it more frequently. now, if i don’t eat for a couple of hours, i’m famished – which i take to mean that my metabolism is revving.

  • i am ready to cut back on animal products. i understand the philosophy of a complete protein, and amino chains and how much better it is to absorb protein from an animal source than not, but it doesn’t feel natural to me to be eating so much “meat.” while i am not a vegetarian through and through, i have decided to try to get more of my protein from non-animal sources than i have been these last few weeks. luckily, keri is absolutely amazing and is designing me a whole new plan for this. did i mention that she is flexible and amazing to work with?

i think it’s a wonderful strategy to break down big goals and projects into smaller, more palatable pieces. four weeks didn’t seem like such a long time, and it makes me confident that i can get through the next four just as easily, while celebrating the successes of the first phase.

what milestones and accomplishments do you have to celebrate lately? 

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