top 5 inspirational disney songs

disclaimer: this post involves a lot of inspiration of the cheesy variety. that’s bound to happen when your’e talking disney. also please note that my husband will most likely be boycotting this post as he is not as big on disney movies as i am (understatement of the century right there). with all that being said … proceed with caution!

i grew up in a disney household. we had stacks and stacks of those thick and colorful plastic covered VHS tapes stacked in our entertainment center, and nothing made me happier than just staring at the sheer bulk of them and thinking about my favorites. robin hood, sword in the stone, sleeping beauty … when i had the chicken pox, i think i rolled through every single movie in our collection, even the ones i didn’t like as much, like the jungle book.

well-written, highly entertaining and timeless, few children of recent generations can argue that these movies were a big part of our lives. and for times when i wasn’t able to glue myself to the television to enjoy the film version, i was lucky enough to have the soundtracks to most of my favorite movies (first on cassette to play on my sony boombox and then later on my FIVE DISC CHANGER CD PLAYER!!!)

i even had a three disk “best of” series from disney that spanned from old classics (like turkey in the straw) all the way through modern classics at the time of their release (which at the time, was beauty and the beast).

so, given all this information, it’s no surprise that from time to time, even now, i turn to the musical magic of disney to inspire and motivate myself. i’ve put together my personal “best of” list. here are they are, in no particular order.

1. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

upbeat and whimsical, this song reminds me to let things go, not take anything too seriously and when all else fails, bonk your neighbor on the noggin with a saxophone. it doesn’t hurt that i performed a rousing dance number to this song in a childhood recital either. brings up a lot of good memories.

2. circle of life

the lion king was without question my favorite disney movie growing up. i memorized every song and watched the video until the tape broke. as an adult, i can appreciate the fact that the story is based on one of my favorite shakespeare plays (hamlet), and nothing makes life seem more meaningful and full of substance than this song and its lyrics.

3. little april showers

another nod to nature and one of my favorite elements therein (rain), this song is simple but cheery and provides the perfect backdrop to any seemingly bleak day, especially if you’re lucky enough to be snuggled warmly inside with a cozy lamp on, instead of at work or outside running errands.

4. when you wish upon a star

i’m not sure this one needs an explanation. just in case – this song encourages everyone (but most importantly, children!) to set goals and then follow them. sung by one of the most logical creatures in the world of disney (jiminy cricket), you can’t help but let your mind wander to a more magical place when this song plays (see also: a dream is a wish your heart makes from cinderella).

5. there’s room for everyone

sung about pete’s imaginary (or not so imaginary) dragon, the concept applies to how we treat people in every day life as well. withhold judgment and just remember that you don’t know everyone’s story, origin or mindset.

there you have it – five disney songs that could potentially inspire you. go check them out on spotify.

any other favorite disney songs out there that i missed? 

6 thoughts on “top 5 inspirational disney songs

    • i did consider some songs from little mermaid (another fave of mine growing up) and agree with you that your choice is one of the best on that album.

  1. You said Top “8” and then stopped at 5. You left me hanging. Do you have that old cassette player or did you get a picture from somewhere else? I never knew that Lion King was your favorite.

    • sorry about that! i got overly ambitious in my post title and then couldn’t fulfill. i changed it to avoid further disappointment.

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