learning to use the oven

when dan and i first started dating, our eating habits were much different than they are now, in a few ways:

1. we ate a lot more white castle, wendy’s and cake (sometimes for breakfast. that was a bad idea.)
2. we were NOT good cooks. dan, in true bachelor fashion, used a foreman grill to cook pretty much everything. that included chicken breasts, which he dried out without fail almost every time we ate it.
3. creating dishes on the fly was never an option. we followed recipes and ate a lot of the same dishes over and over again.

though we’ve evolved quite a bit since that time, we still don’t put all the tools at our disposal to their optimal use. we make a lot of stir frys and as such, we tend to favor the stove over the oven. we roast vegetables, and i bake, but other than that, we tend to cook our protein in the crock pot or in a skillet with olive oil a majority of the time. with my recent increase in protein intake, we’ve had to get creative with our cooking methods or risk dying of boredom. luckily, dan has swooped in on several occasions to save the day with interesting concoctions. as a bonus, he’s been able to utilize another section of our kitchenware that we don’t put to use nearly enough – pyrex! see below. i would write out a recipe for you, but it’s honestly too simple. douse chicken breasts in a bbq sauce of your choosing and place in the oven for about 20 minutes at 400 degrees. serve with a side of your favorite veggies drizzled in olive oil cooked the same way.

bbqchicken veggies

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