new tunes to jam to

i have not created a new workout playlist since SEPTEMBER. that is just far too long, and though i’ve been alternating between using my phone for pandora and the current playlists i have on my iPod, it was past time to amend that. so – new month, new march 2013 playlist. i scoured pinterest, my favorite blogs and run hundred to put this baby together. so far? so good. take a look. makes me wanna hit the pavement!


1. Move This, Techtronic
this song can power me through just about any amount of pain or desire to give up. i bet i could climb Kilimanjaro as long as i had this gem on repeat.

2. All She Wants to Do is Dance, Don Henley
coyote ugly-inspired (and sometimes executed), it’s catchy and if you break out into dance in the middle of whatever fitness endeavor you’re attempting, at least the calorie burn will still be sky high!

3. Don’t Stop, Girl Talk
Girl Talk allows you to enjoy several artists throughout the course of just one song. it’s economical, enjoyable and a no brainer.

4. Boogie Shoes, Glee Cast
disco? glee? count me in.

5. Another Night, Real McCoy
this song unfailingly reminds me of the roller rink in middle school. eating pizza, hanging out until curfew (which i think was around 7pm) and trying to impress all the cute boys. this distraction allows me to breeze through pushups, pullups and sprints alike.

6. Rehab, Amy Winehouse
inspirational via cautionary tale. workout, because if you don’t, you could end up on drugs. 

7. Girl, Beck
modern day, hipstery beach boys, this song is the perfect combination of light hearted and upbeat.

8. Fun, Fun, Fun, The Beach Boys
a ridiculously high bpm and thoughts of a sunny, summery day make this tune the perfect fit for a bitter, wintery workout.

9. She’s a Genius, Jet
complimentary lyrics AND a catchy beat to back them up.

10. I Got Mine, The Black Keys
though i never thought of the black keys as workout music before, i found myself jamming to this in the car the other day, and thought .. why not?

11. We Built This City, Starship
12. Nothin’ But a Good Time, Poison
80’s music is key for any successful workout playlist, if you ask me.

13. Le Disko, Shiny Toy Guns
i went through a shiny toy guns phase a few years ago, and it was ALL my playlists consisted of. needless to say, i got sick of it, but i figured it was time to let them back into my life.

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