sights unseen, dan’s birthday!

last weekend was dan’s birthday. i absolutely adore celebrating my husband’s birthday even though he never expects me to make a big deal out it. last year, we roasted a whole boar with our friends. The year before that, we hit up mardi gras in st. louis. this year, we had a couple of added factors: 1 – i had to work on saturday. the home and housewares show was in town and one of our clients, sodastream needed lots of help from the pr ladies! 2 – dan didn’t really want to make a big fuss out of his birthday this year. as in, asked me not to plan anything with other people. he wanted to spend it with me, because one on one time for us is quite limited these days. so, the following was the solution.

first, i made him a breakfast i knew he would love. bacon coffee french toast. if you’re looking for the recipe, check out little inspiration. easy to follow, too!


then dan opened some beautifully wrapped gifts.

acepresent pileopresents

he dug into my parent’s present first. on a hunch, they got him a couple of vinyl albums he’s been jonesing for, including edward sharpe.



then he dug into my pile of gifts. there was definitely a theme to my series of presents. might have something to do with the post dan put up yesterday?


a new coffee mug (eagle scout style!), chemex and a coffee table book on info graphics.

he wasted no time putting them to good use.



i’ll go ahead and claim this birthday as a success.


later on that night, we went out to dinner at place near our apartment we’ve been dying to try (owen & engine – it’s delicious!) i didn’t bring my camera – sorry!

this weekend, no trips, no birthdays…let’s all get ready to relax!

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