blogger lovin’

one of my new blog crushes from living in yellow came up with yet another one of her fabulously interactive ideas. she encouraged all her blogger readers to link up with the blogs they love the most. so here i am to tell you about mine. my blog roll is seriously out of control. on my browser, i have ten different folders with about 25 links in each one. of course i am unable to read all these on a daily basis, so i decided to share three that i’ve loved forever, and three that i’ve recently started crushing on. ready?

my three oldest loves:




julie from peanut butter fingers was my first blog love and the person that inspired me to start my own blog. i love her sense of humor, workout motivation and crazy dog sadie. she also has amazing recipes that taste delicious but don’t corrupt a healthy lifestyle




katie, the beauty behind running on happiness has a sunny disposition, an amazing sense of style and adorable dogs (sensing a dog theme here…) she has always struck me as approachable and down to earth.




kendi is a double threat: well dressed and unspeakably funny. ’nuff said.


my three newest loves:



i’ve recently discovered the magic of cassie behind witty title hereshe not only has a beautiful lyrical writing style, but she chooses the most interesting guest posters and has introduced me to several new bloggers that i’ve come to know and love as well, including the one below.



a yogi who followed her dreams to the countryside, her life and perspective of everything that goes on in it leaves me green with envy. she addresses casual and deep topics with clear and relatable style.





this one is a brand new addition to my blog collection, but i am super excited to read through all her old posts and start staying on top of her new ones as well. she’s interested in a lot of things i aspire to be well-versed in: fitness, fashion, photography and blogging!

2 thoughts on “blogger lovin’

  1. Thanks so much for including me! I’m glad to have found your blog. 🙂 I love lists like these—I’m always on the lookout for other blogs.

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