finding balance

with my new eating plan, despite a few changes, i’ve said repeatedly that the most important priority in my mind is to stay balanced. extremism is harmful no matter which end of the spectrum it comes on. that means taking a rest day when i need one, and then hitting the gym twice as hard the next day. it means being mindful of my eating, but letting myself indulge a bit when the situation warrants. with that in mind, i leave you with the below. i want to be able to do this so badly. perhaps i’ll put it on my ever-nebulous “goal list,” which i swear i’m going to sit down and WRITE one of these days, honest.


2 thoughts on “finding balance

  1. I just responded to your comment on my post today and you are totally right – our posts are very similar! We both briefly talk about finding that right balance, and I like how you mention how extremism can be harmful. I used to restrict myself so much and follow such a rigid workout regime, never talking a day off, and I was miserable. I think that leading a healthy lifestyle allows you to still maintain a sense of control, but to allow yourself the flexibility to try new things and let your body rest, without all of the guilt!

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