my favorite fitness

generally speaking, i just love to workout. it’s what i consider “me time,” and after an hour of sweating and listening to my favorite music, it’s impossible for me to feel anything less than wonderful.

of course, there are fitness moves that i like better than others. the of the workouts i’m doing now and enjoying the most are primarily body weight-focused – no outside weights required. This means  you can do them anywhere, any time – just one of the many reasons i love them so much.

i decided to take a few pictures doing my faves, but i apologize in advance for the slightly subpar quality. dan took them, and you know what that means. if not, click here to find out.

perhaps one day i’ll be lucky enough to have someone as talented as cassie to snap me some fitness photos, but in the meantime … enjoy these (and the adorable, furry photo-bomber in some of the pictures as well!)




our high school soccer coaches used to make us do lunges up and down the football field until our legs collapsed. back then, i did not have a great relationship with this exercise. luckily, however, i’ve come around and truly embraced the power of the lunge. they work lots of muscles at once (glutes, hamstrings, quads). they are a great way to keep your heart rate elevated because they are so active. the difficulty can be scaled up or down by the addition of dumbbells. so many things to love about lunges.




strengthening the core is always superior to working on abs alone. planking, more than just an internet phenomenon, can accomplish that. one tip: if you’re trying to plank for a minute, don’t watch the clock the whole time. that’s always a surefire way to give up early.




once my arch-nemesis, i am now much more comfortable in the land of pushups. i do them in handstands, with my feet elevated or just plain ‘ole regular pushups. it’s my goal to do 50 in a row someday. why? i have no idea.

yoga poses

meairplane medog

good for a stretch and strengthening. the above are my two favorite yoga poses for both. i love to multitask.

speaking of stretches, this is my absolute fave.



though i love to run, arc train, stair step and row, strength training is my absolute favorite jam. it hasn’t always been that way, but i’ve certainly learned to love it along the way.


ps if you’re interested in an awesome tank top like the one i’m wearing, go buy one! they are soft, comfortable and have awesome phrases on the front.


6 thoughts on “my favorite fitness

  1. I’m so with you – Planks, Lunges, and Pushups are the go-to. Plus, I love incorporating Yoga poses into the middle of my workouts after my legs are fatigued to work on my balance. I like to think that balance exercises work the teeeeeenyyyy little muscles fibers (although I have no idea if there is any truth to it), but whatever the case, they help make my mind and body feel strong and centered, despite being in the middle of a hard workout!

    P.S. Your dog is ADORABLE!

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