healthy st. patty’s dinner

i’m aware that st. patrick’s day is long gone. i apologize profusely for my tardiness, but figured better late than never. maybe we can bookmark this post to start prepping for NEXT year’s holiday. over the past few years, dan and i have not skimped on the irish celebrations. my mom always makes corned beef and cabbage (plus green angel food cake), and we were always on board to partake.

this year, however, we were sadly without my parents, since they abandoned us by moving to california. we actually spent the day BEFORE st. patty’s with dan’s parents, making pizza and watching argo, BUT dan forgot my camera at home, so alas, i can’t share any photos from that event.

the upshot is, dan and i made a healthy st. patrick’s day dinner. cooking light suggested that salmon might be a good substitute for corned beef, which is generally pretty fatty and filled with sodium. we used this recipe for inspiration, but of course, just basically winged it.

we made dill-encrusted salmon, roasted sweet potatoes and cabbage with just a touch of olive oil. much lighter and JUST as festive as the usual corned beef, cabbage and white potato feast.

fullplate cabbage twosalmon


because of my eight week drinking ban, we didn’t imbibe any green beer (or wine) this year, but i wore my green socks and green jeans. even without the appropriate window clings, we celebrated this holiday of our heritage in good spirits.

what are your favorite recipes for st patrick’s day? 

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