new ways to maximize fitness

fitness technology is currently one of the fastest growing trends and sources of new companies/products. through my work with bodymedia, i frequently discover new tools that i love adding to my repertoire of fitness – runkeeper and myfitnesspal, for example. another wonderful resource for such apps, websites and tools lies in greatist.

recently, i have stumbled upon some truly useful and innovative fitness implements i plan on using to maximize my fitness routine:

1. gorecess: put in a location, date and time – this website will spit out a plethora of fitness classes available to you and allow you to book a spot for yourself right then and there. this would be wonderful for frequent travelers.

2. charity miles: whether your poison is walking, running or biking, you can use this app to track your miles and donate a pre-set amount of money to your charity of choice. talk about a motivator.

3. gainfitness: like stuffing a personal trainer inside your phone, this app allows you to customize your experience based on your preferences and available resources. you can even use their audio tracks for motivation and pacing your routine.

4. strava: especially now that warmer weather is approaching, this app offering the best biking/running routes. this would also be amazing to use when traveling to a new city.

5. pocket yoga: for an “at-home” yogi who doesn’t like paying an arm and a leg to stretch and meditate, this app is perfect. lots of yoga options with demonstrations for correct form.

6. fitradio: in case you aren’t into pandora or using your ipod, an alternative to keep the motivational tunes pumping.

have you ever discovered any fitness technology gems lately? 

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