pros & cons of saturday workouts

lately, i’ve been on a fairly steady workout schedule. workout monday, tuesday. rest wednesday. workout thursday, friday. rest saturday, sunday. it’s nice because frequently i have plans on the weekends, and this way, i don’t have to worry about messing around with the gym as well. sometimes, though, when i know my plans are limited, i like to luxuriate in a saturday workout. here are the pros and cons of that choice.

pro: i can take my time. as implied above, i view saturdays with nothing to do as a bit of an indulgence. i generally do it when i don’t have to worry about being anywhere, what time i go, how long i stay, etc. i don’t feel rushed in the slightest.

con: other people feel this way too. aka – it’s super crowded. especially the cardio equipment. for whatever reason, the saturday gym rats are cardio fiends. nary an available treadmill or arc trainer in sight.

pro: there are a lot fewer classes. and it’s a good thing too. with all the people taking over the weights area and cardio equipment, i sometimes have to take cover in one of the studios to set up my circuit or jump rope.

con: it’s easier to psych myself out of going. despite the fact that i genuinely look forward to going, if my day is lacking in structure, sometimes i end up getting a little too relaxed and don’t feel like going to the gym at all! OR i become super productive and wear myself out before i can go. either way.

pro: it’s easier to schedule my feedings in conjunction with working out. the other day, i was talking to keri about how hard it is for me to eat before i go to the gym at 5am. she said, “yeah, it’s usually best if you eat 30-60 minutes before working out.” unfortunately, i don’t think my body will allow me to get up at 4am to eat. but on saturdays, i time it PERFECTLY.

con: not as much recovery time. as i have learned the hard way many times, if i do a strenuous workout on saturday, and only have sunday to recover, monday’s workout can be torturous.

pro: it counteracts my overindulgences. since i am much more likely to have a drink (or four) and eat poorly on the weekend, it only makes sense that my workout should occur then too in order to counteract.  

con: people are NOT as motivated. there’s something a little too laid back about the saturday afternoon crowd at the gym. when someone is at the gym at 5am, it’s generally not a sign that they like to half as fitness. but i see a lot of people moseying about over the weekend.

pro: the television is better. for some reason, i can’t get the televisions at my new gym to play TBS. that means no more early morning “saved by the bell” while i do cardio. on saturdays, however, there are usually movies on, or if i get supremely lucky, FRIENDS RE-RUNS!

in conclusion, the pros outweigh the cons. sometimes.

what day of the week do you like to work out and why? 

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