6 things i won’t stress over anymore

the more i delve into a healthy existence, the more i realize how vital a component my mental health and stress-level are. because i work in an industry that is notoriously stressful and am constantly interacting with other people whose temperament or mood on any given day may not match up with staying calm, i have been thinking a lot about some of the triggers that have caused me a lot of stress over the years. the top offenders are below, and i am starting a new resolution to address them and not allow them to stress me out.

1. other people’s reactions to a problem. i have a strong tendency to internalize people’s emotions and take them personally. but what i am coming to see is that i am not responsible for how someone may react to something, nor can i really control it. i have to do a better job of managing it, but not freaking out about it.

2.  having my schedule thrown off. i enjoy being a creature of habit. i love my routines, especially because they generally involve things i love, like working out and eating well. but sometimes, a little extra planning is involved to work around unscheduled events. i need to become better at not panicking and trusting in what a good planner i have become.

3. people not being on board with my choices. similar to the root problem in bullet one, i take people’s opinions too seriously and personally. i can’t let other people dictate my choices, and just like i don’t know what journey they might be on, they don’t know about mine either. so i have to stop letting it be important to me (extenuating circumstances apply, of course, if i’m doing something completely stupid and dan points that out to me 🙂 )

4. getting “everything” done. this. will. never. happen. there is way too much going on and i probably spend more time worrying about what won’t get done or what hasn’t gotten done that i could apply toward actually getting it done. the outcome is important, but not as important as the process to get there, which should be focused and stress-free.

5. what’s going to happen next. because, really, isn’t half the fun in not knowing? i need to keep my focus on the things i want and work toward goals both for myself and also with dan, but no one can actually know what is coming up. if i did, i might not work as hard, so it’s probably better that i don’t have that temptation.

6. stress. sometimes, it’s a snowball effect. i get stressed because one of the above, or something else, and then lambast myself for feeling stressed. no more. stress HAPPENS. so instead of making it worse by beating myself up, i’m working to develop more constructive ways of dealing.

stress is usually not a performance enhancer. i’ve never looked back and thought to myself, “whew i am so glad i stressed about that.” it gets in the way of living a healthy life, and while i’ve been thinking this whole time that i manage my stress by working out, that is only half the equation. i’ve started some attempts at meditation, and doing yoga for mental relief as well as physical. i’m going to develop more ways to alleviate stresses i feel, as i know they are inevitable and need to be handled.

what do you stress about that you shouldn’t?

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