i can’t do pullups

pullups have been the bane of my fitness existence since i can remember. even in elementary school, for the president’s physical fitness test, i always had trouble getting my quota of pullups done, and usually failed that portion. for no reason other than i just want to quell my inner pullup demons, i have now made it my mission to do pullups on my own, unassisted. i have been working on it, using the machine at the gym and allowing myself less and less weight to counterbalance. i’m still not there, but i know some day i will be. and boy, will i have a great photo to share then. but for now, i’m using this as motivation.

pullup (1)

what fitness feats do you have on your “to do” list? 

2 thoughts on “i can’t do pullups

  1. I can totally relate with you. As I was reading this, I was going to suggest using that pull-up assist machine if you had access to one, so it’s good you do! The bands also work as a great option if you rope them around the top bar.

    Another thing that helped me be able to do a few more pull-ups is by doing a small jump from the ground to start the momentum to get myself up. I am able to about 8 that way! So sad!! But better than nothing!

    You and I can both keep up the hard work and hopefully work up to a few pull-ups! Good luck!!!

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