grapefruit salmon

we love our fish dishes in this household. a lot of the time, we stick to basic accouterments like lemon, dill and greek yogurt, but sometimes we branch out. that’s where the grapefruit comes in. we made this delicious salmon dish with grapefruit and cucumber salsa and a grapefruit glaze.

first, chop up the grapefruit and prep the baking dish with olive oil. cut cucumbers to appropriate salsa size and get your salmon out.


bakingdishcucumbers salmon




then, the glaze is created with some brown sugar, grapefruit juice in saucepan on medium heat. stir to keep it from sticking.



we put our salmon in the oven to bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. we keep an eye on it, but that’s usually a good rule of thumb for it. then, all that’s left to do is plate and serve! we chose to pair ours with asparagus and brussels sprouts.


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