kitchen appliance wishlist

i already own plenty of kitchen paraphernalia that i love and couldn’t live without (and will detail in a future post). but for today, i dream about the tools that could be.

1. the vitamix. it’s blender nirvana, and while we haven’t found a way to justify the cost yet, i am fairly certain that time is rapidly approaching. i make protein shakes every night, frequent smoothies … you could put ROCKS in there and turn them to gravel!

2. a juicer. while i’m not ready to swear off solid food and commit myself to a juice only diet, i would love to start every morning with a nutrient-dense, vitamin-packed glass of veggie juice. i’ve been doing the research, and a lot of the drinks like odwalla and naked juice add sugars, juice concentrates and lots of other extraneous ingredients i don’t want floating around in my concoctions. i haven’t done too much research as to which model i would like, but this one looks good?

3. vacuum sealer. when you buy things in bulk, like say, from costco, a vacuum sealer is a great way to keep everything nice and fresh if you aren’t able to consume it immediately. meats, spices, veggies, you name it … we can vacuum seal it with this guy.

4. plastic cutting boards – now that we are eating more meat, the bamboo/wooden ones with their cracked out ways are no good to use. these can really only be used for veggies in order to ensure you don’t spread meat-hosted illnesses and bacteria. even this one from walmart will do just fine!

5. meat thermometer. we had one, but somehow … it broke? anyway, see the above reasoning. much easier to get tender, yet ensure safe “doneness.” we would probably get another digital job from brookstone, but try our hardest not to break it.


what kitchen appliances/items have you been eyeing? 

6 thoughts on “kitchen appliance wishlist

  1. You have the appliances down pack!

    I own both the Vitamix and a juicer, and they are two of God’s greatest gifts to man. If you had to invest in one, I would by FAR go with the Vitamix. Granted, it is a LOT more expensive than a juicer, you can essentially just make your own juice with the Vitamix, and in my opinion, you’ll get greater quantity with the Vitamix.

    I had a lot of reservations about the cost when I got mine (well I got it as a gift, but I still don’t like receiving expensive items as gifts) – but it comes with a 7 year warranty, which if you think about it, is wonderful. I already had to take two of them back – the 1st one was my fault because I broke the tamper and the second time the motor shut off so that was on them. Either way, I bought mine from Bed Bath & Beyond and they were more than helpful in making the exchange for a new machine. I also called Vitamix, and they extended another year onto my warranty. I know that Costco does quite a bit of demos, so either there, or BB&B (with a 20% coupon) would be the best way to go in terms of price. You will seriously love it though – it pulverizes kale like it’s no one’s business. AND you can make homemade icecream, soups, nut butters, etc etc etc. When I am baking – I throw all of the ingredients in there and once and it’s just so easy!

    I think the vacuum sealer pack is an awesome idea too! It’s crazy how much food gets wasted from oxidation due to those measly plastic ziplocks or non-air-tight containers!

    Sorry for the Vitamix rant – but just wanted to share my thoughts! 🙂 We should have a juicing party! haha

    • thank you for posting! i love hearing validation and reasons why i SHOULD buy a vitamix 🙂 like i said, it’s inevitable. do you think it would be able to replace our food processor as well? maybe once that breaks, i will have even more of an excuse?

      • Mmm… this is a tough call. I think for MOST things, the Vitamix can easily take the place of a food processor. However, some things, I’ve had a little more difficulty with.

        If you’re making homemade larabars, or something that’s sticky, where you still want a little bit of crunch and chunk, I would use the processor. The Vitamix will blend it so find that essentially it turns into more of a sticky dough. The other thing I’d probably keep the processor for is if you use it to chop veggies or something. Again, same thing, the Vitamix can do it, but I think the processor provides a little bit better consistency considering it’s just a wider base.

  2. Totally agree about the vitamix. Out of this world. Can change your life. want fresh almond milk? want smoothies/juices in minutes? want to grind some grains into flour? nut butters? It is kind of a miracle. If you think you will use it, it is so worth the money. I use it pretty much a every day and am abundantly grateful for it. Also, it is so easy to make something quickly and put it in a jar and take it on the go– super nutrient rich snack–

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