sights unseen, san francisco day 2

last week, i covered day 1 of our trip to san francisco. this week? day 2 of course! the town that my parents live in is perfectly positioned. it’s not too far from the city of san francisco, but it’s also a convenient distance from several other fun destinations. one that we decided to check out while there is monterey. we drove down in the morning, not really knowing what to expect, but once we got close, we all decided that renting a couple of bikes sounded like a good idea. my parents already had their bikes in the back, so we found a bike rental store on yelp and got my parents some beach cruisers. we took lots of pictures and had a beautiful day. Eight miles of coastal biking, plenty of candy stores and then a trip to peter b’s brewpub for lunch afterward. we walked around the wharf and enjoyed the lovely warmth. definitely missing that weather right now! anyway, enjoy the pictures.

boiler brewpub candystore canningco bikes parents meanddan loverspoint views meandparentsblue seals boats candy! biker windowreflect

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