beet chips

under my current eating plan, it is recommended that i ingest 1 serving of vegetables during at least one of my meals during the day (i like to cram in even more because vegetables are filled with awesome stuff like vitamins and nutrients and antioxidants). as such, i am constantly on the search for “portable” vegetable options. the below serves as an ideal solution.

i followed the “recipe” from this martha stewart link, but they are pretty simple to make.

first, pre-heat the oven (i turned mine to 400 degrees)

i used one of my favorite kitchen tools, the mandolin, to slice the beets nice and thin.

sliced beets


sidenote … the beet juice gets ALL over your hands (and the glove you should probably wear to protect yourself from the sharp blade of the mandolin).



you toss the beets in a bit of olive oil and sea salt, then layer them onto a cookie sheet.



then you pop them in the oven for 20 minutes, check on them, and then put them back in after a little mixing/redistribution. you want the edges to start to look dried out.

then, place the chips on a wire rack to cool, where they (hopefully) crisp up!




the only complaint i have about this snack is that it doesn’t make enough! i made one batch with two beets and ate them all in one sitting. next time, i won’t make that mistake, and i’ll make more. fair warning! i also want to try to flavor them with different spices and seasonings. beet chips and kale chips make me one happy girl.

2 thoughts on “beet chips

  1. Mmm… these look tasty! Again, we are supposed to be soulmates or something. I was just looking up recipes for veggie chips the other day and was drooling over all of the tasty pictures of beet chips and sweet potato chips and other root chips! So good…..

    The ones in the store are always fried to death, and while they taste A-MAZING, I just don’t like the thought of all of the added oil that they’re fried in! Yours look tasty and the pictures look great! How do you get such nice lighting?

    • blog soulmates!

      re: lighting – sometimes it’s just luck! we have a back room that has a sliding door and if it’s sunny out, i take my pictures back there.

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