sights unseen, san franscisco days 3 & 4

here they are! the last of the san francisco pictures. you may re-live the fun laughter of day one here and day two here.

on the third day, we headed back into the city of san francisco to re-visit some old haunts that my parents remember fondly from other san francisco adventures with my family. one was a little brewery and restaurant right on the ocean, the beach chalet. the other was haight ashbury. we had a snack and a drink at the beach chalet, and then wandered around the original “hippie” neighborhood on haight, getting coffee and shopping for socks. yes, there was an entire store dedicated to JUST SOCKS. we browsed the bookstore for a while and took in the sights.

dadlessons leges grumpybulldog sockshop everybodydies proust bookstore ashbury sign houses theocean beachchaletdanmolly beachchaletparents beachchalet2 beachchalet


on our last day on the west coast, we took a walking tour of the town my parents live in. los altos is dainty, quaint and oozing with charm. we snacked on fresh fruits, took in the sights and of course, made pizza before we tore ourselves away to head to the airport.

pizza pizza2 trellis mexican flowers losaltos pineapple berries mommyandme


can’t wait to to visit again!

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